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What's left? Me.
i will never know myself until i do this on my own..
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Short update, cause I'm cool like that and can't sleeep. =)

Trip to LI was fun. The first day I met up with my bestest and we spent the day in the city. Walked around, talked, did lunch, a lil shopping and had fun. That night I hung out with Errrr. <3. I got to see the Twinneh and spend time with her both days I was there. Went to the park by the library one day, got coffee and the next we went to the beach. I got a lil bit of red. None of that "one bad sunburn" happened this summer. lol. Then my baby came and we went home. I think I needed the trip. I had fun, got to socialize more and see some of my favorite people.

Still job hunting, but I did take on a retail job for now. Working Women's Accessories. (aka I jump around from place to place and I am focused on the accessories in a few various areas of the store, oh and fragrances.) It's not bad. It's retail. I've met a lot of nice people, who don't mind if I ask any questions, so that's good. I couldn't get full-time, so that wasn't as good, but I am making more than my last job, I get the chance to sign up for benefits, and once I'm there a lil bit paid-time-off. So in a way it's a step up from before, and something that's good for now. Been working a lot though, we had a huge sale this weekend and I did a few long shifts.

I really wanna find somewhere I can work more of a post-college job though. I'm realizing more and more that as much as I don't mind customer service type jobs, I sorta am starting to. There's only so much happiness and patience you can show on a 9-hour shift.

Everything else is going great. I work today and then I have the next two days off... have friends visiting from LI/Arizona.

-yawns- back to bed I go.....

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I really miss him.
This summer is going to be interesting.
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A majority of my entries are Friends-Only, so if you wanna be added, comment here, and I'm sure I won't have a problem adding you...
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lookie at the coolness made by chrisbar1:

Buffy is love.

Created by chrisbar1
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okay my day officially sucks now.. what is it 4 days later? and the moon pillows are GONE.. theyve been there sooo long... n now they are no longer an option to make me broke but happy ugh
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Things are getting better :)... I'm even more curious, yet confuzzled.. ;)

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OMG this kid I knew in highschool drove into a group of kids and injured one..
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i might make my journal friends only.. think they're the only ones reading this anyhow... hmm.. if you disagree lemme know...
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"Bottom line is, even if you see 'em coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are. You'll see what I mean...."
~Whistler, Season 2- The Becoming Pt1

Buffy rocks. I watched the Becoming pt1 tonight and a few earlier season two episiodes with a friend. I started to watch the Becoming pt2... I gotta get to that this weekend. I love that episode, so sad.. yet so great.

As I stated earlier, work sucked to some extent. Got really sick of the BS from a few co-workers.. kinda nervous around one now cause of what someone said, sick of the angry snotty customers and the charity bin we gotta collect. ::sigh:: felt like quitting for a lil bit. My two favorite managers were there and they were talkin to me when I was counting out, they kinda brought me back into a better mood. Then I went to apologize to a co-worker that had thought I was mad because I was tryin not to be upset while there was a line n he wouldn't go away. Took me almost an extra hour to find him. Finally did and then he starts in on one of his speeches, talking about crying. UGH. So wasn't in the mood for that. So when he walked off for a few, I left. Opps. I should have said I might go, but I'll prolly see him when I go in tomorrow.

I still need to get my clock from home. ::sigh:: hopefully mom will venture outta the house tomorrow and bring me it. I also got my ring I think. Niceness. Hopefully I'll put in for grad for this semester as planned. I kinda wanna get it over with, but I also kinda don't. I don't wanna leave. Someone tell me why, cause I'm not completely sure, but FU isn't so bad. I'm scared. Scared to go somewhere else. Scared to start over... scared cause I dunno what I wanna do with my life and everything is going by sooo much faster. If I take a break from school, I'm gonna end up working so much that I can't fit in school again or won't be able to afford it or something.. ::sigh:: I dunno what to do.. I'm so undecided right now on everything, college, careers, life...

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Today sucked. Work was alright for a lil while. Blahness. Got so fed up with a few people, n a few things.. just so down right now. Wanted to see a movie but didn't have the enthusiasm to sit and watch one, nor did I know what to watch. ::sigh::

...I'm gonna go watch some Buffy now.. and relax.. great show..

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